The perfect cup of tea

The perfect cup of tea

The perfect cup of letterpress tea, is meant to be experienced and enjoyed

Loose leaf tea is the purest form of tea that enthusiasts can experience. They are dried leaves, fruit, flowers, or even fermented plants. When you brew yourself a cup of loose leaf tea (rather then pre-ground or cut tea in a pre-packaged tea bag), you are able to allow the full flavour of the tea to bloom through steeping.

You are tasting the tea at its absolute best

Letterpress tea isn't meant for rushing or a quick caffeine fix. It has been created intentionally to appreciate the experience, and benefit from drinking it. Making your daily cup of tea using loose leaf tea is also giving you a purposeful pause, away form the noise and hurriedness that life sometimes brings. Using compostable tea bags or tea filters gives you that extra space to enjoy the process, while allowing for the best flavour in your cup. 

The best way to make a cup of letterpress tea

  1. Use 1 heaping teaspoon of letterpress tea per one cup of water, in a compostable tea bag or re-usable tea filter (if you like it strong, add 2 teaspoons)
  2. Boil water to temperature according to package
  3. Poor water in a cup over tea bag or filter
  4. Set a timer according to package
  5. Remove the teabag from the hot water and set aside on a dish
  6. Enjoy the tea when it has cooled to desired temperature :)
  7. You can re-use the steeped tea bag again, by re-steeping the original tea leaves once more!
  8. When done, place tea bag in your compost bin.


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