A Thanksgiving Message

A Thanksgiving Message

Although here in Canada we celebrated Thanksgiving over a month ago, our friends in the U.S. are doing so this week. The sentiments are the same: it is a day of giving thanks and being grateful for what is. Aaaand there is Turkey and delicious dessert! 

Our very Canadian Thanksgiving was done with family in cottage country surrounded by falling leaves, warm fireplaces, an oven working around the clock, and Apple Cider Chai pouring at every chance. The setting was by the lake in the middle of the Ontario forest and you can bet I was in a wool sweater (the first of the season!).

So a tea toast to our neighbours (or neighbors as it is spelled in the U.S.), may your cups be full and hearts warm. Happy Thanksgiving!

P.S. Can you spot Penny in the woodpile? :)

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