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About Letterpress

Luxury and locally handmade can go together.

Our fine loose-leaf tea line is for the tea drinker who wants quality for their home and their bodies. Our premium tea blends will pair with the finest afternoon tea and silverware, while being packaged in fully compostable material. From the tea leaves, to the pouch, the label and the tea filters - we've sourced 100% backyard compostable products so you can feel good about the sustainability of your purchase.

Along with the Letterpress loose-leaf tea line, the shop holds beautiful and intentional products. Most of what we carry is handmade in Ontario, and seasonal collections are in-store to help you move through everyday living mindfully.

When you receive your lovingly prepared packages at your doorstep, the packing paper, packing tape, and shipping label are all backyard compostable. You can also use the cardboard box in your no-dig garden beds, re-use them, or recycle them.

  • Moving through Seasons

    Living seasonally is what Letterpress Shop is built on. Every season the shop will bring in items that reflect a gentle way of living. Adorn your home and body with items that capture the change happening outdoors. Change is good, and seasons keep us moving.

  • Shopkeeper Kiki Carr

    Kiki Carr is the Letterpress shopkeeper. She lives slowly by moving through seasons and creating a home with her husband, Yorkie, Tabby cat, and Lionhead bunny. You'll find her in her kitchen creating new recipes, out in her garden, or on a backcountry trail. With Letterpress tea in-hand, always. Kiki's favourite Letterpress tea blend is the Vanilla Spice, but most days start with the Morning Walk. Find out a little more about Kiki.

  • Slow Living

    Slowing down is the intentional and kind approach to daily life. It's easy to get caught up and fast-paced life, so taking small steps to slow down is encouraged here. This means brewing tea the slow and long way, so that you can savour flavour. This also means choosing the extra step of composting, rather than tossing in the trash in order to feel connected to the earth. It's these extra steps that help ground you in a rhythm of enjoying daily routines.