Vanilla Spice Body Oil

Vanilla Spice Body Oil

Self love is all around us while falling snowflakes and cold crisp air kisses our skin. Although Winter months are beautiful and a time or rest and hibernation in comparison to busy summers, this time of year calls for nourishing our bodies and our skin specifically. Our skin is exposed to cold air and home furnaces which both can be harsh on on skin's moisture and outer layer. Here is a perfect recipe for replenishing our skin and giving it a warming boost using Vanilla Spice tea.

According to the Essential Oil Pocket Reference, Cinnamon is anti-inflammatory and a circulatory stimulant, Cardamom has anti-oxidants, Cloves are anti-aging, and Nutmeg is muscle relaxing. According the The Herbal Academy, Calendula “is used to soothe the irritation and pain of skin afflictions while promoting skin repair”. All of which are ingredients in the Vanilla Spice Tea!

Caution: Although warming spices can have amazing natural benefits for skin, they can also cause irritation. Do not use this oil in baths or before exposing skin to additional heat as it may irritate skin, like a hot bath or shower. Perform a patch test on your skin before applying all over body. Allow for skin to take in the oil and the natural benefits as a moisturizer and absorb into skin.For external use only.

The Vanilla Spice Body Oil recipe creates a light fragrance with warming spice notes. I've been using it on my arms and legs after my shower, during theses cold February days.

Vanilla Spice Body Oil


- 1/8  cup Vanilla Spice Tea
- 1/2 cup Sweet Almond Oil, or your prefered carrier oil


  1. Put all in a sauce pan on low to simmer for 1 hour, stirring occasionally.
  2. Remove from heat and let cool
  3. Strain spices and tea from oil. Put the oil in a bottle and compost the tea and spices.
  4. Additionally, you can sprinkle a bit of chai tea back into the bottle for a desired look.
  5. Use directly on your skin as a moisturizer or a massage oil. Heat oil between palms before applying.
  6. Store in cool dark place for a month.


Disclaimer: Letterpress is not trained in medical, skin, or naturopractic medecine. Please do your own research or talk to your healthcare practitioner and be mindful of your allergies. Perform a patch test first, before putting anywhere on your body. For more education information online, check out The Herbal Academy. You can also use the Essential Oils Pocket Reference for more detailed information about essential oils.
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