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with a monthly at-home tea sommelier experience

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Learn to drink tea like it's supposed to be enjoyed: on its own to allow the natural notes to come through. Teas are grown around the world and through this tea-tasting subscription, you will learn about teas from various countries and regions.

How does elevation change the flavor?

How do shade-grown Camellia Sinensis plants differ?

Does cutting and rolling affect the color and smell profile?

There are some black teas from Africa that you could swear have cinnamon in them, and some oolong teas you would bet have jasmine in them - yet they are purely one leaf with nothing added.

What you will receive:

- A monthly curated tea tasting kit by tea sommelier in training, Kiki Carr

- 3 tea tastings: 3 x 10g loose leaf teas from around the world. Makes 15 cups at 2g of loose leaf per 250ml cup.

- Tea tasting education and instruction of chosen teas: history, harvesting, process, and growing region.

- A tea tasting card to guide you through the profile and notes of the teas.

- Mailed on the 1st of the month.


One Plant, One Leaf

Did you know that all tea comes from one plant called Camellia Sinensis? There are only 6 types of teas that are created through variations of farming, harvesting, processing, and manufacturing. Those 6 teas are called: White Tea, Green Tea, Yellow Tea, Oolong Tea, Black Tea, and Pu-erh. These 6 teas are then created into hundreds and hundreds of varieties of teas.

Did you also know that if tea does not include leaves from the Camellia Sinensis tea, then it is not, in fact, a tea but an herbal infusion?

Did you also know that teas that have more than just Camellia Sinensis leaves (added flowers, flavors, herbs, spices, etc), are tea blends and not true teas in their purest form? Think of tea blends with added flavors more like a sangria, rather than a glass of Pinot Noir.