Simple Decorating for Christmas

Simple Decorating for Christmas

I'm slowing down as much as I possibly can this holiday season. Yes, that means not getting it all done, that means not squeezing in every event, and even saying no to some things. I'm much more balanced and I enjoy more when I have the space to do so. I spent my November with the least amount of socializing as possible and it as liberating. I know that social media detoxes are trendy (and will become more so), but I'm taking it a step further by spending 4 weeks at a time with the least amount of plans and social obligations as possible. November was the perfect month to do it (which I will be implementing next year) and I'll be picking another 4 weeks this Spring!

With that, even my Christmas decor has been inspired to take things slowly this year. Sometimes simple can be beautiful. There is no need for me to go out and buy new holiday decor when fresh cut cedar greenery, pine cones, branches, oranges, pomegranates, cinnamon sticks, and a white marker can go a long way! These seasonal textures and colours are available in abundance and I get to go forage for a lot of it, and see what I can find. I get a lot of inspiration from Pinterest, and pin them here.

For my tabletop, I've used cedar branches in some water in glass vases to bring the outside in! If you want to do this as well and want them to last a long time, be sure to submerge the broken part of the branch in water, and removing any cedar greenery from touching the water (this will make them spoil quickly).

I sliced oranges and baked them in the oven on low for a few hours and they dried right up. These chestnuts are from my backyard and from walks in the neighbourhood for what I could find on the sidewalks. Both of these are actually from last year, and I kept them and they don't look any different and work great again this year! The green bowl is thrifted last year, the table cloth is thrifted last year, and the tealight holders are passed on from my mother-in-law.

I also fill glass jars with Christmas candy, so we get to enjoy them through sight and taste! :)

 Displaying your cinnamon and cinnamon sticks are an easy way to add festive touches to nooks. Mine are permanently out this time of year, for decor and for the fact that I use them all day long.

A white washable marker goes such a long way! I see these in display windows in shows in our small town, and I love the idea of doing it at home. Not just for exterior windows, but for any glass surface, like this cabinet that holds all kinds of tea ingredients.

My mother-in-law made these adorable paper bag houses last year and had them as a pretty touch attached to gifts. And I just couldn't throw them out, they were so precious! So I saved them since last year and might just make a few of my own to add to the collection.

The scent of my home is just as important in these festive traditions. I look forward to making all our senses smile with Christmas whimsey. To make our house smell just as spirited as it is decorated, I make essential oil blends (recipe for Winder Wonder and Christmas Cabin here), as well as greenery foraged simmer pots for the stovetop. Who can forget the sounds of Christmas? I have a few Spotify playlists and I have them on non-stop. When I want a calm instrumental atmosphere I listen to Yuletide and when I want a folk Christmas I listen to Warm December.

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