Tea Starts Here

There are only 6 types of teas: green, white, yellow, oolong, black and pu-erh.

Teas are grown all over the world in warm climates, all deriving from a singular plant: Camellia Sinensis.

This plant creates delicious beverages after they've been cultivated, processed, and made ready for enjoying. Flavour from the leaf is achieved through a premium cup of tea, without the need to taste it blended with other ingredients.

Letterpress tea is all about quality in your cup and sustainability in your home. Why settle for a mass-produced cup when you can have luxury?

Drinking tea is about savouring the taste, just as you would a glass of wine from Italy. Tea leaves are grown around the world and have an incredible flavour profile.

Sustainability in your home can be easy. Commercial tea products, while convenient, are a large part of household waste. That's why with every cup of letterpress tea, everything can be recycled or composted.