Shopkeeper's journal - A winter storm

Shopkeeper's journal - A winter storm

The snow has begun to fall, signalling the start of a Winter storm that they are calling for Ontario. I have a fresh cup of Vanilla Spice tea poured, my beesewax taper candle is lit making a warm glow, and I have my Weekend in the Woods playlist on Spotify playing. I absolutely love Winter for moments like this, watching the snowfall from an antique wood window while keeping warm with a hand-knitted blanket. Perhaps I'll get the energy to bake a batch of cookies for the occasion.

The first few months of the Letterpress shop have passed and I'm so happy with how it's all come together. I worked really hard for over a year to create an experience that resonates with people. From the website, making sure that it feels like a soothing and welcoming shop, to the packaging and putting the effort toward removing as much waste for the consumer as possible. Letterpress was always supposed to be a place of comfort, all year long. Thank you so much to everyone who has enjoyed the online shop, are now sipping on their own Letterpress tea, and have come back for re-visits.

It makes me so happy to put together packages and send them off to their new homes. It was important to me when building this business model, to be the one to pack the shipments for delivery. To keep that connection with customers and to create an experience of anticipation when that parcel arrives to your door - rather than be shipped from a facility. Keeping this intimacy is what helps me stay connected to customers.

After I package a few more orders this afternoon, I'm going to defrost a soup I made a few months ago and write a few journal entries for the Letterpress blog. My goal is for this to be a place of resources and inspiration for seasonal slow living. As some of you may now, I'm a writer and love expressing myself through this medium. It'll be loads of fun to build up an online library for you.

In the time that I have written this, the snow has started to accumulate slightly. I think an evening fire in the fireplace is just the ticket for us tonight, as we stay in watching the storm. 


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