Spring is in the Air!

Spring is in the Air!

I am writing this as I sip Afternoon Green and I happily see daylight through the shop's window - the beams are new friends this time of day in the last few weeks.

The Spring Equinox has greeted us this month and buds are popping up all rounds us in Ontario Canada. The birds are singing a happier song in the morning, grass is looking much perkier, and squirrels are busy gathering new supplies that have unearthed as the defrost has happened.

Although this is the case, the weather people are still calling for a spontaneous snowfall that should take place in the next day or so. Which will most likely be the last of the season. That won't deter me from getting into the full swing of Spring (perfectly rhymed), in my apothecary and tea supplies. My cravings, both in flavour and in body, have turned from the warm caramels and spicy chais to fresh lavender buds and bright green teas. I love every season and what they present, but there is always excitement in the transition. I live in a climate that has all 4 seasons and every transition in between. Change is inevitable and seasons keep me on my toes.

I hope you are enjoying the fresh air, the new sounds, make a Spring Season List, and join me in transitioning our tea cupboards to greet Spring's glory.


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